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Benefit from our SAP GDPR Readiness Assessment, Data Discovery, Data Governance and Information Lifecycle Services for SAP customers, and tackle your compliance programme in preparation for GDPR.

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Explore value added by SAP S/4HANA at all divisions within an enterprise in our sample showcase
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How itelligence can help you on your Data Compliance Journey

There is a lot of complexity and confusion about GDPR. As a trusted SAP advisor and full-service provider of SAP applications and analytics solutions, itelligence can provide clarity of thought and straightforward actions on what you should consider when embarking on your data compliance journey.

GDPR is important with huge implications. In the context of a wider data management and information lifecycle management strategy, we can highlight the practical steps you can take now to minimise the risk in your SAP systems. No single solution can address all of GDPR’s requirements but there are specialised SAP solutions that can present a comprehensive platform to managing risk within SAP and non-SAP systems.

itelligence has a number of pre-packaged risk management solutions and accelerators, developed from our global knowledge pool and supported by strong partnerships with leading GRC providers. Complemented by our data lifecycle methodology (Map, Monitor and Manage) we can help you to mitigate risk as you embark on your GDPR journey.

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What is GDPR?

The European Commissions’ regulation for data protection rules have been updated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with legislation coming into force on 25th May 2018 to all EU countries. 

GDPR represents the biggest shake up of data protection law in over 20 years. It will have a massive effect on UK organisations and will introduce greater regulation, control and governance over personal data. 

The new data protection rules will create a harmonised framework and present a multitude of new compliance obligations around new consent rules, enhanced privacy rights of individuals, demands for privacy impact assessments to understand risk, and ‘privacy by design’ for all business operations and processes. New obligations for data transparency will also be introduced for confidentially breaches and new rights against the use of personal data with the right to be forgotten and data portability. As a result, we face far stricter rules for capturing, storing, processing and managing data.

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Explore value added by SAP S/4HANA at all divisions within an enterprise in our sample showcase
"LaGarda - Quality Espresso Machines Since 1957"

Next Generation ERP System

SAP S/4HANA provides a reimagined architecture. Based on an in-memory technology, the data-structure is lean and speed of dealing with huge amount of data is potentially high. While the role-based User Experience is intuitive operable, on any device, from anywhere.


Can your ERP provide these features?

Processes are spanned across all modules and support multidisciplinary collaboration. Furthermore S/4HANA interacts excellent with internal user, vendors and customers on the one hand as well as Machines, Internet-of-things and Social Networks on the other hand.


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Data Breaches will be Costly

Preparation to comply with GDPR needs to start now. Consequences of mishandling personal data will potentially lead to non-complying organisations facing fines of up to 4 percent of their global annual turnover or €20 million, whichever is higher. 

Even though this regulation becomes effective in May 2018, requirements and practices to protect sensitive data are already defined, and they bring big challenges - making it even more crucial for organisations to get their SAP landscape in order now.

Decision making supported by real-time analyzes, predictions as well as simulations based on live-data with access from anywhere and across all devices.
Furthermore SAP S/4HANA adapts new business models easily in order to run an enterprise dynamically.


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On-premise, in the cloud or hybrid - CIO has the freedom of choice.
A reduced data footprint caused by lean data structures minimizes system's complexity.
The role-based as well as intuitive UX with self-service options leads to a decrease of requests from other departments.

Saves resources
to manage more projects

Insight-to-action due to analyzes nututred by a single source of truth; in real-time, on a granular level and across all modules. Means, all departments in the process chain collaborate in sync.
Moreover, new capabilites arise because of access to IoT, Big Data and Social Networks.

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Where to from here?

Your SAP Systems Hold Personal Data!

All SAP systems such as SAP ERP, Business Intelligence (BI), CRM, HCM and other SAP applications need to be included in your GDPR preparation project.  In order to comply, you will need a focused approach to managing, owning and processing data.

However, 86% of SAP users don’t fully understand the implications of GDPR in relation to their current SAP landscape and future use of SAP!

About itelligence

itelligence is one of the leading international full-service providers of SAP solutions. As a frequently awarded SAP partner, itelligence provides a broad range of consulting and customer support services to further maximise SAP solutions, including implementations, application management services and hosting. itelligence is globally SAP Certified in Hosting, AMS, SAP HANA Operations and Cloud Operations and is an SAP Platinum Partner.

Our market-leading SAP competence was built through many years of developing highly innovative solutions and services, and enhanced through our strong international presence. itelligence belongs to the NTT Data corporate group, one of the largest telecommunications firms and IT service providers in the world. This co-operation allows our customers to take advantage of the best available support with their expansion plans, and provides our employees with a world leading global network of specialists.

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The countdown to compliance is on...

View On Demand GDPR Webinar

GDPR On Demand Webinars

If you have unanswered questions about the potential impact of GDPR on your organisation and would like to understand the new legal obligations that will come into force in less than 10 months’ time, then view our On Demand Webinar.

Do you have a plan in place to prepare for the introduction of GDPR in May 2018?
How do you manage private data?
Have you mapped out your data processes?

Do you have data governance?

What lifecycle does your data go through?

Get in touch. GDPR is fast approaching.

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The Key Challenges that GDPR brings to SAP ERP Customers

The impact of GDPR on SAP BusinessObjects Customers

With SAP BusinessObjects landscapes, it’s important that you understand which reports and universes access personal data in order to comply with the new legislation.

View On Demand GDPR Webinar

GDPR Webinar Programme

Implementing Effective Data Mapping

The first step in minimising your risk of GDPR exposure is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the personal data that exists within your SAP systems, be that ERP, BI or anything else. In this webinar we will introduce our accelerated data discovery, mapping and cataloguing approach that can help you with the challenge of GDPR.


Managing the Information Lifecycle

Correctly implemented data retention is a key tenet of the GDPR. Identifying the personal data that you hold is not enough, you need to be able to provide evidence that you are able to manage personal data throughout its entire lifecycle. This means being able to block, archive and ultimately delete personal data held within your systems. This webinar will outline the available solutions both essential and optional for effectively managing the SAP Information Lifecycle.




Establishing a Governance Framework. How SAP GRC can accelerate your GDPR readiness


If your business runs SAP, then it’s likely to hold a large amount of information that could be considered personal data, which means it will be critical to ensure SAP remains fully secure and compliant. While this can be a major challenge, the tools that exist with SAP’s GRC suite can automate many of the processes involved and help accelerate your organisation’s GDPR readiness.


Monitoring GDPR Risk with SAP Information Steward

Discover how SAP BusinessObjects customers can create business rules, policies and information governance processes that help define data ownership in accordance with GDPR. We’ll introduce SAP Information Steward and explain how an organisation can gain insight into how PII data is processed within their DWH and SAP BI systems. Additionally, with a live demonstration, we’ll show you how to profile data & metadata, set up business rules, identify data lineage and build dashboards/reports to monitor GDPR related activities.



For SAP ERP Customers

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For SAP BI Customers

For SAP ERP Customers

For SAP ERP Customers

For SAP Customers - ERP & BI

For SAP BI Customers

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