Explore value added by SAP S/4HANA at all divisions within an enterprise in our sample showcase
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The #S4HANAthon

We ran 5 webinars in 5 days covering everything you need to know about your SAP S/4HANA Journey.

You can follow in our footsteps and go the full distance by joining all of the webinars or keep pace by attending a particular stage of the webinar series. 

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Explore value added by SAP S/4HANA at all divisions within an enterprise in our sample showcase
"LaGarda - Quality Espresso Machines Since 1957"

Next Generation ERP System

SAP S/4HANA provides a reimagined architecture. Based on an in-memory technology, the data-structure is lean and speed of dealing with huge amount of data is potentially high. While the role-based User Experience is intuitive operable, on any device, from anywhere.


Can your ERP provide these features?

Processes are spanned across all modules and support multidisciplinary collaboration. Furthermore S/4HANA interacts excellent with internal user, vendors and customers on the one hand as well as Machines, Internet-of-things and Social Networks on the other hand.


Conquer Digital Evolution

Stage 1. On Demand Webinar

Duration: 60 mins

Advice for Approaching S/4HANA 
- the itelligence Point of View.
Andy Steer, Group CTO, itelligence

Andy discusses the practicalities of assessing what SAP S/4HANA means for your organisation and puts this in the context of the adoption levels that are being reported globally. Andy shares conversion and implementation stories from the trenches, drawing on experiences gained by itelligence’s global network of SAP S/4HANA Consultants.

Key sections of the webinar include:

Options for Adopting S/4HANA
Business Case Building
Advice for Approaching S/4HANA - 3 Big Decisions

Decision making supported by real-time analyzes, predictions as well as simulations based on live-data with access from anywhere and across all devices.
Furthermore SAP S/4HANA adapts new business models easily in order to run an enterprise dynamically.


Drives the enterprise
in a successful future


On-premise, in the cloud or hybrid - CIO has the freedom of choice.
A reduced data footprint caused by lean data structures minimizes system's complexity.
The role-based as well as intuitive UX with self-service options leads to a decrease of requests from other departments.

Saves resources
to manage more projects

Insight-to-action due to analyzes nututred by a single source of truth; in real-time, on a granular level and across all modules. Means, all departments in the process chain collaborate in sync.
Moreover, new capabilites arise because of access to IoT, Big Data and Social Networks.

Lines of Business

Gains new capabilities
wasn't possible before

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Where to from here?

Stage 2. On Demand Webinar

About itelligence

itelligence is one of the leading international full-service providers of SAP solutions. As a frequently awarded SAP partner, itelligence provides a broad range of consulting and customer support services to further maximise SAP solutions, including implementations, application management services and hosting. itelligence is globally SAP Certified in Hosting, AMS, SAP HANA Operations and Cloud Operations and is an SAP Platinum Partner.

Our market-leading SAP competence was built through many years of developing highly innovative solutions and services, and enhanced through our strong international presence. itelligence belongs to the NTT Data corporate group, one of the largest telecommunications firms and IT service providers in the world. This co-operation allows our customers to take advantage of the best available support with their expansion plans, and provides our employees with a world leading global network of specialists.

Learn more about our SAP Awards:

Stage 3: On Demand Webinar

Do you have a plan in place to prepare for the introduction of GDPR in May 2018?
How do you manage private data?
Have you mapped out your data processes?

Do you have data governance?

What lifecycle does your data go through?

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5 webinars, 5 stages in 5 days

Expert advice to get you started on your 'sofa to S/4' running plan

View the On Demand Webinar

Duration: 60 mins

SAP S/4HANA - A Deeper Dive and Review of the Functional Scope

Stephen Jerram, Principal Pre-Sales Consultant, itelligence

This session will review the overall scope of the latest SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management release and explore and demonstrate five key areas of innovation and change in this release. This will provide insight into new and enhanced functionality and the value this can bring to your organisation.

Key sections of the webinar include:

SAP S/4 - Facts for Existing Customers
SAP S/4HANA Innovations
Live demonstration of S/4HANA
SAP S/4 Analytics introduction
Live demonstration of S/4 Embedded Analytics


Duration: 60 mins

Delivering Predictable Outcomes in the Move to S/4HANA - 
a Programme Management Perspective
Sean Baker, Program Director, itelligence

Managing successful SAP Programmes is usually about the quality of the team and their environment. Future programmes will need to accommodate Cloud, Mobile and more Agile approaches. This session explores delivery success factors as we move into Hybrid based transformations.

Key sections of the webinar include:

A review of delivery methods from Waterfall to emerging cloud based Activation and Agile methodology
Delivering on day-to-day commitments
The essential requirements for delivery success
The future of hybrid scenarios

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Duration: 60 mins

Getting Finance Ready for S/4
Jeremy Preston-Hoar, Principal Solution Architect – Financials, itelligence

The transition to S/4HANA is akin to an upgrade, but some of the steps and preparation can be done now, before you start the process. Jeremy will guide you through his thoughts on what you can do now, what you can think about now, and what you can expect – all to make the transition simpler.

Key sections of the webinar include:

S/4HANA Adoption
Outline of the key documents for an S/4 migration
Distil these down to the main key points for the finance team
What is the change in S/4? What is the reason for the change? What is the impact on finance? What action should you take?
Classify the items into ‘do now…if you can’, ‘think about now’, and ‘get ready to address for the migration’

Stage 4: On Demand Webinar

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Duration: 60 mins

Top Tips for Planning your Technical Migration to HANA

Jon Ward, Platforms Team Lead & Senior Technology Consultant, itelligence

Whether you’re already planning a technical migration to Suite on HANA or it’s simply something on your roadmap, then this session is for you. We’ll be exploring the key considerations and preparatory steps that are essential for a successful migration project.

Key sections of the webinar include:

Know your route - A typical 'Decision Matrix'
Real-World Scenarios
Upgrade process minimal requirements (ERP 6.0 EHP7 & EHP8)
Sequencing and Inter-dependencies
The role of Solution Manager 7.2

Stage 5. On Demand Webinar

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